Cloud hosting, web hosting, and domain names

How does cloud hosting compare with shared web hosting?

Even though cloud hosting and shared web hosting are fundamentally the same, the way that these services organise data differs to some extent. Shared web hosting has servers host multiple websites – where websites are also maintained. However, this may affect website speed and performance. Cloud hosting uses multiple servers – allowing websites to perform better. Cloud hosting is also more secure and less vulnerable to hackers than is the case with shared web hosting.

How does web hosting relate to domain names?

Domain names make it possible for customers to locate a business website. Web hosting services allow businesses to build a website. These domain names are stored by the web hosting provider. All website files are also stored here.

How does a business choose between cloud hosting and web hosting?

The service that will work better will depend on the needs of the business. The least expensive hosting option may still be profitable for a smaller business that only needs to cater to a certain amount of traffic. The more expensive cloud hosting option will be suitable for companies that need to deal with a vast number of online traffic.

Can a business move its site from one host to another?

The domain name of a business can easily be moved to another hosting service. The hosting provider will just request the transfer of files and data. This is followed by adjusting the domain name settings according to the parameters set out for the business by the new hosting service.

The pros and cons of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting can simply handle a lot more data and internet traffic. This makes cloud hosting more expensive. The servers and systems require more maintenance and attention to ensure that large amounts of data can be processed.


What exactly is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting permits a business to safely store and spread their data across a network of servers that could be located anywhere on the world map. The word “cloud” basically refers to the virtual environment that is highly accessible to users from across the globe.

Choosing the right cloud service for an online casino

Online casinos can acquire a catchy domain name such as It becomes necessary to obtain a suitable cloud service to accommodate the vast number of potential traffic that the online casino may generate. The necessary research is thus required to make the right choice. There would likely be a choice between a public or private cloud service.

Public cloud services

The public cloud service is a network of servers that holds the data for several sites. This means that the physical space being occupied by the hardware is shared among the websites (the expenses for using the hardware are thus shared among the sites). However, the processing power and disk space are not shared.

Private cloud services

For greater security and control, the private cloud option may be more appealing. This means a business will not share the physical infrastructure of their cloud hosting service with other websites. However, this option is more costly.

The single server versus cloud technology

There are various downsides to owning a single server. Cloud technology is more reliable since the site can be maintained from numerous servers. In the case of server-breakdown other servers can compensate for the interruption and avoid downtime. Server downtime has cost companies millions of dollars in the past.

Cloud hosting that is managed

It is essential for a business to opt-in for cloud hosting that is managed by various specialised individuals from expert and service-lead infrastructure companies. These companies provide the necessary cloud hosting solutions that a business requires to function effectively in the online environment.

Cloud hosting and online marketing

Cloud hosting has various benefits when it comes to marketing a business online. This includes ease of access to data, greater control, enabling innovation, dramatically increases the business productivity, and saves it money in the process.

Ease of access to data

Customer data can be accessed easily to analyse the customer’s interaction with the business and the services products it provides. These powerful analytical tools can create insights into creating better and more engaging website content for customers.

Business at the forefront of innovation

With an online market that is constantly evolving, a business should always be prepared to adapt and innovate to keep its customer audience captivated. This leads to meeting the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Dramatically increases business productivity

With powerful online tools to sustain all business interactions online, services collaborating will increase business productivity. This involves all sectors of the business to have uninterrupted access to vital information. With business employees having quick and easy access to information and resources it becomes so much easier to provide excellent customer service.

Saving more money

Cloud computing is much more cost-effective than traditional data storage methods. There is no need for a company to acquire hardware and software solutions themselves. Cloud computing suppliers and services allow more processes to be automated.

In summary – better control over the business

With excellent online marketing tools, it becomes possible to use the vast amount of customer traffic data and to analyse it with cloud-based tools to track customer leads. These nifty tools can also be used to test out various marketing strategies. Ultimately, marketers can learn to understand customer needs better.