Tools for effortless business management

Fluccs Web is all about equipping businesses with the necessary tools to manage the different sectors of the business effectively. With data being organised and stored safely via Cloud Computing, different divisions of the business can manage and access information with greater ease.

Central file storage

In the past employees had to struggle to control the vast number of documents being sent around. This process often involved incorrect formats and file content being sent around the office. With cloud computing, there is greater control over the movement of important files and documents. This is all possible with file storage being centralised – making it an essential business tool.

Tools to improve collaboration

Meet people from all over the globe to meet and exchange information virtually. This has no doubt improved customer service, the development of products as well as reducing the time required for marketing and transacting to occur. Having the ability to meet in a virtual environment also creates better working relationships between people from different countries.

Reducing the carbon footprint

With cloud computing, it has become easier for companies and businesses not to waste unnecessary resources or energy. Businesses or companies that can reduce their carbon footprint in this way also improves the image of their brand in the public eye.

Securing data

With the immense risks that go along with cybercrime, it is essential for businesses that operate in the online environment to secure their data with reliable cloud or web hosting providers. These services are normally equipped with highly secure encryption that can safeguard sensitive customer and business information.